Volkswagen Chattanooga team help our client pass TDEC Tank Farm inspection with flying colors!

Premiere’s Facilities Maintenance Team helps our VW Client prepare for, and support in passing a recent required TDEC Tank Farm inspection with flying colors!

TDEC inspectors were on the VW site from 9:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. to conduct a routine inspection of the Tank Farm.  The complex inspection consisted of a thorough records review; inspection of the Tank Farm Manways and Spill Buckets; and a tour of the vehicle fill area at BA5/BA7 areas of the VW Plant.  Inspectors took several photographs of how neat and clean the Premiere Staff was maintaining the Tank Farm site that is very important to VW’s entire production operation. The Tank Farm is very unique and very important to VW’s manufacturing operations and it houses virtually every liquid and chemical required in the automobile manufacturing process at the plant.The inspection went very well, with inspectors informing VW that there would be no violations.  They also mentioned that TDEC was lengthening the time between inspections because of the impressive maintenance & upkeep (Thanks to the hard work of the Premiere staff!), and that the next inspection would probably be in two years (instead of every year in the past).

Kudos to Russ Salmans, Site Manager, and  Richard Metcalf, Maintenance Planner, Heather Zachary, Parts Coordinator, and Justin Pilgrim the Media Supervisor for an outstanding job!!!

May, 14, 2015