Using SmartInspect to Achieve Elite Quality Results

Everyone in the facility service industry has heard the phrase, “You can expect what you inspect”. We, at Premiere Building Maintenance, know that maintaining superior cleaning performance is key for customer satisfaction.  Holding ourselves and our teams accountable to INSPECT our own performance is how we achieve the high standards we EXPECT.  This is why Premiere partners with SmartInspect to ensure our quality on a daily basis.  SmartInspect tools also give us powerful reporting metrics needed to understand our cleaning efficiencies. SmartInspect’s multiple features help Premiere succeed in our contract services.

Customized Reporting

Every single account has a specialized set of expectations.  SmartInspect allows us to customize our reporting to what is most important to the customer.  We can then tailor our services to the specific needs of each facility.

Cleaning Dashboard

The SmartInspect dashboard is designed for our managers to remain focused on the KPIs agreed upon by our clients.

 Inspections on Handheld Devices

SmartInspect’s mobile app allows inspections to be done easily on a smart phone or tablet. Inspectors are able to give real-time input into our QA system which is visible to all levels of management, eliminating the need for paper forms. The inspection platform encourages the use of photos to ensure specific challenges are addressed by the follow-up team.

Smart Tickets

Smart tickets issues work orders within the SmartInspect system that signal our teams that it’s time to do projects and tasks outlined in the scope of work.  We can also issue a smart ticket for follow up items identified during daily inspections. Smart tickets can be generated immediately via smart phone or tablet to guarantee all work orders are entered efficiently and accurately.