Robotic Vacuums Crucial in COVID-19 Cleaning

Premiere has started to use robotic vacuum technology at several of our contracts. This technology is playing a pivotal role in assisting our cleaners during COVID-19. Our cleaners are able to focus on the increase in disinfecting tasks due to robotic vacuums covering the vacuuming tasks.

ICE Robotics has a line of intelligent vacuum sweepers that handle soft surface cleaning so janitors can focus on higher value, more detailed tasks. These vacuums are powered by BrainOS®, the award-winning navigation software that automates cleaning equipment so workers can do their jobs faster and better.

COVID-19 has created an increased scope for our cleaners needing to cover their daily tasks and complete new disinfecting protocols. Premiere’s use of robotic vacuums is designed to create more time and ease for our cleaners to complete these added tasks.