Diversity is Important

Mentoring/Supplier Diversity

Premiere believes in the power of diversity and giving back. An important part of the strength of our organization comes from our commitment to mentoring and supplier diversity in all its meanings. It is Premiere’s policy to facilitate participation by small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses and small woman-owned businesses in our sub-contractors data base. While there are Federal and State laws requiring certain levels of contracting with small businesses, Premiere’s policy is based on our business strategy of being good partners with all small businesses. Accordingly, Premiere is committed to actively seeking mutually beneficial business relationships with small businesses. Our efforts in this regard not only include routine procurement and contracting activities, but also extend to such areas as mentoring of small businesses. Small businesses have always played and will continue to play a pivotal role in creating jobs and helping our economy get back on its feet. Large businesses can help, particularly if they recognize their unique position to assist growing companies in scaling up. And nothing can give mid-to-late-stage entrepreneurs a better leg up than connecting them to business executives and companies that can help them develop to the next level.


Mentoring is a process that requires the mentor and the small business owner to delve into the core of the business and to work together to develop a plan of action that will guide the business forward. There has to be commitment from both sides in order for the plan to be effective. The mentor's role is to guide, instruct, encourage, and correct the protégé. The protégé should be willing to listen to instruction and constructive criticism, and should also feel as though the mentor is concerned with his/her business success. Mentors receive great satisfaction from their experience with protégés. They feel respected and appreciated for their knowledge and skill. And mentors can become more invested in their work as a result: they have personal relationships to foster in the business setting and they feel that the owner trusts and respects their judgment and talents. And as role models, mentors may even more closely evaluate their own performances and become more productive in their own business dealings and duties.

Supplier Diversity

Premiere Building Maintenance Corporation is committed to Supplier Diversity. We have always worked to foster good working relationships with other small businesses. We take proactive steps to ensure that small, disadvantaged and women-owned businesses are afforded the maximum practicable opportunity to compete for subcontracts with us. Our Supplier Diversity Coordinator seeks to identify, verify and assist small, disadvantaged, and women-owned businesses to qualify for inclusion in the Premiere database of potential subcontractors/and or vendors.