SpaceVac: A Safer Solution for High Dusting

When you walk into a building, you may notice the floors are clean but, when you look at the ceiling, you might see dust and cobwebs. This high dust is not only esthetically displeasing but can build up and cause serious safety issues.  At Premiere, we want to ensure a clean facility from top to bottom.  SpaceVac helps us accomplish just that.

Reaching Further

SpaceVac gives the ability to reach high areas that would otherwise require a lifts or ladders to clean.  Keeping cleaners safely on the ground, SpaceVac utilizes carbon fiber tubing with a patented locking system to reach any tall and awkward place.

The hoses, which typically have a universal fit on most industrial vacuums, not only reach further but have many angled pieces to create various shapes to reach around and on top of obstacles.

A Safer and Healthier Environment

The buildup of high dust can cause several issues over time. Not only will it reduce indoor air quality, dust particles can actually become a fire hazard over time.  This is a real concern, especially in manufacturing facilities that create excessive dust, where particles can become explosive when exposed to an ignition source.

These important factors led Premiere to use SpaceVac at several of our facilities to ensure we are delivering the cleanest and safest environment possible for our customers.