Tales From the Mop Bucket: Debbie Manning

In a day when staying put in one job for two decades is a rarity, Debbie Manning describes her job as Premiere’s Accounting Clerk as the best job she has ever had.  Debbie was hired in November 2002 as the front desk receptionist and work order dispatcher. After a few months with Premiere, she began working with payroll and accounts payable. With Premiere’s move to the new corporate office building in 2007, a full-time receptionist was hired and Debbie transitioned into a role in customer billing.

Debbie describes one of her favorite memories of working at Premiere was the company’s 2009 trip to The Wilderness indoor/outdoor water-park resort in Sevierville.

“I hope to be working with Premiere for many more years.” Debbie says. “The people here really care about me and my family, and they’re always there to help when we need them.”

In her free time, Debbie enjoys camping, lake-time and gardening.

Thank you for 19 years of service excellence, Debbie!

Debbie Manning Tales from the Mop Bucket Janitor
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