Tales From the Mop Bucket: Bart Perry

Bart Perry’s father was a janitor for the postal service so cleaning runs in his DNA.  Bart started his career with Premiere as a part-time janitor working for Mark’s aunt Marie on the Parks and Rec contract.  He split his time between Premiere and Big Lots but soon came to work for Premiere full time as a supervisor and then was promoted to contract manager.

Over the years he’s done a little bit of everything for Premiere but his expertise and favorite job has always been floor work.  Bart recalls receiving compliments from Parks and Rec client Cindy Green who bragged on how perfectly shiny her floors were to the Superintendent of Parks and Rec.

Bart says, “It’s something about the instant gratification you get from a shiny floor that I have always loved.” Although there is one item in particular he misses from back in the day and that’s the old formulation of Johnson’s High Mileage wax. “You could put on 3 coats and it looked like six, but when they changed the ratios, the product was never the same.”

Currently Bart oversees a large portion of the business for the PBA contract including Senior Centers, 911, Juvenile, and Libraries. He has managed this book of business for the past 15 years.

While Bart is happy to go anywhere he is asked to help out from UTC to VW to Bowling Green, he prefers to stay home and work with his team who experiences very little turnover.  Bart selects new team members carefully and even schedules interviews on Saturday and Sunday to test how much they want the position.

When asked why he’s stayed so long at Premiere, his answer is simple, Mark Isom.  Bart recounts a story where Mark went out of his way to help him when his car engine blew and he didn’t have the money to fix it.  “Mark loaned me his old farm truck in the short term and then helped me find another vehicle after he had only met me one time.  I knew anyone who cared enough to help me was worth my loyalty.”

“If Mark called me at 3 am to shovel manure at his farm, I would do it without hesitation.”

He also is thankful to have Terry Hill in his corner and says that he’s “one of the best bosses I have ever had.” The feeling is mutual.  Terry says, “Bart has always been someone I could count on no matter what.”

Bart will be celebrating his 60th birthday next year and he vows that he will be working with Premiere until he “falls out”.  Thank you for being the best part of Premiere all these years, Bart!

Debbie Manning Tales from the Mop Bucket Janitor
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