Tales From the Mop Bucket: Linda Gary

Linda had not worked in janitorial industry before starting her career with Premiere.  She did, however, have the key skill of managerial experience from working with teams at Food City and Kmart.  So, when a friend, who worked at Premiere, encouraged her to apply, she was unsure it would be the right fit for her but was open to having a conversation.  She recalls speaking with Ray Musall who sold her on the job.  She says, “Ray was very polite and understanding that I didn’t have to leave my current position.  He supported me making a good decision for myself.”

She began her career with Premiere and facility services as an Assistant Night Supervisor 15 years ago and has never looked back.  In fact, she says the years have flown by and feel more like 5 than 15.  Part of that is because she’s been supporting the same long-term contract at PBA in Knoxville the entire time.

Today, Linda manages the largest pieces of the PBA contract with the City County building, KAT, KAT Magnolia, Lawson-McGhee Library and the Old Courthouse.  Her favorite cleaning innovation is cordless equipment which she says increases both safety and productivity.

When asked about her secret to success, she says, “You must have patience with people.  You have to listen to them and really understand what they need from you.”  This rule, of course, applies to both clients and employees which keeps Linda busy doing a lot of listening.

Terry Hill points out that one of Linda’s greatest strengths is her organization skill.  “From schedules to time keeping to supply orders, Linda’s organization is what enables her to manage so many projects for Premiere.”

She also embraces her role in helping the members of her team succeed.  She recalls several employees over the years who have come in not having a clear direction for their life personally or professionally.  “If I can help someone believe in themselves and better their life, that’s an honor.”

She is grateful for the opportunity she was given to work at Premiere.  “Mark is a great person to work for.  He makes it like we are working for family. You can always go to him with issues or needs and he’s there to listen.”

Thank you, Linda, for your dedication and loyalty.

We look forward to working with you for quite a few more years.

Debbie Manning Tales from the Mop Bucket Janitor
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