Tales From the Mop Bucket: Alan Isom

If you’ve worked at Premiere for any length of time, chances are you’ve worked with Alan Isom at some point.

He started his career in September of 1998 working in the Nashville market supporting Nissan North America, NES and Bell South.  Since then, he’s worked with almost every type of client including commercial office, production facilities, education, retail and military in a dizzying number of locations.  Like so many others in the Premiere organization, Alan did whatever he could to support to company’s success and growth.

When asked to name a favorite account or client, Alan recalls his time at Arnold Air Force Base in middle Tennessee fondly.   “They were just a great customer, supportive of their subs and vendors.  They really cared that we were successful as well.”

He credits several people at Premiere for his longevity and success in the business including Mark Isom, Thomas Maddox, Terry Hill, James Barron and Sherif Samy.  “Because we all have different experiences, the ability to collaborate with our team has always served me well. No one person has all the answers and we work together to find the best solutions.”

He also says he’s learned a lot from working with Blake Isom over the past few years.  “Blake brings new perspectives and techniques to our industry that are important for our continued growth.”

Blake had these kind words to say about Alan, “Alan is fully dedicated to Premiere and upholding its reputation as a “do what it takes” company. Alan is the epitome of what Premiere stands for and always shows the resolve and work ethic that has helped maintain Premiere’s success for over two decades.”

All in all, Alan says he wouldn’t change a thing about his career with Premiere.  He says, “Every experience I have had, every account I have managed, has helped me succeed in the next account. Even working as a sub-contractor to other primes has helped me to be a better partner to our Premiere partners.”

What you may not know about Alan is that he’s an avid video game collector and even built himself a gaming PC last year.  Lately his games of choice are Destiny and Call of Duty which he plays with his wife.  You might also be surprised to learn that he once owned a martial arts studio and taught karate for 8 years before coming to work at Premiere.  He also built early versions of computers in the 80s until the mass production of computers made it impossible for smaller shops to be competitive.

Thank you, Alan, for your 23 of service and being the best part of Premiere.

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