Tales From the Mop Bucket: Dwight Gary

The Army took Dwight Gary to California, Florida, and Oklahoma during his service but as a Knoxville native, he always found his way back home.  He was living with his sister and looking for a job when she encouraged him to apply with Premiere.  Although he had no previous experience in the janitorial industry, Linda Gary saw his potential and hired him as a general cleaner at the City County Building.  He credits Linda for teaching him how to pay attention to details like high dusting and checking corners.

Dwight recalls telling his sister, “I will not continue to be a general cleaner for long.  My goal is to be a supervisor and drive a company truck.”  And it didn’t take Dwight long to realize that goal.  After one year, Ray Musall hired him to run the Andrew Johnson building and the Old Courthouse where he stayed for 6 years.

His favorite part of the job over the last 15 years has been doing floor work.  Terry Hill agrees, “Dwight was a heck of a good floor tech.” Terry also says that Dwight has helped streamline the process to deliver supplies to other accounts with his superior organization skills.

Dwight says that staying in a job for 15 years was made easy by the people who support him at Premiere including Mark Isom, Ray Musall and Terry Hill.

He also encourages anyone new to the industry to set your goals and work hard to achieve them.  “If you want it, you have to go for it and work hard every single day.”

In his free time (before COVID), he enjoyed taking cruises to exotic places like Jamaica, Belize, Honduras, Mexico and St. Thomas.  He enjoys all the activities available on the ships and of course, the food!   Here’s hoping you will be back cruising soon, Dwight.  In the meantime, thank you for your service to Premiere and to our country as a veteran.

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