Losing Time Searching for Maintenance Help?

Shopping for various maintenance services, from plumbing to HVAC, can be very time consuming and costly for a business. By the time you get someone out to fix your HVAC unit, you notice half of your office lights are out. Don’t you wish you could call one number to accomplish any maintenance need?

A mobile maintenance program makes all your maintenance needs only one call away without the full-time price.  

Traditional programs require a business to hire full-time personnel who often have specific skills that limit what maintenance services can be done. You then have to pay more to find another specialized maintenance service. This is where mobile maintenance comes in to save the day.

Premiere’s Mobile maintenance programs are designed to use a pool of our company’s technicians that are on-call for any maintenance needs. You have one contact that coordinates all maintenance services that are needed at your facility. You only pay on an agreed upon rate and the cost of material for every service. This program is designed to ease the stress on a business to try to find help with facility maintenance every time it is needed. Premiere understands that hiring full-time technicians is not always the right fit for many businesses that need the flexibility of completing many small maintenance issues. We have developed a program that makes a one-stop shop for all maintenance needs so you can focus on your business. Click the button below to get a quote for our Mobile maintenance programs.

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