Tales From the Mop Bucket: Nathan Miller

Nathan Miller has always been accustomed to working in and around buildings. “I have always been blessed to have a job,” Nathan stated. He’s done a plethora of work including cleaning buildings, painting houses, building decks, and mowing grass.

He first became interested in Premiere Building Maintenance when responding to an advertisement in a paper. Several phone calls later, he had an in-person interview with Mark Isom. Nathan recalls, “In truth, by the time we finally met in person, I knew I wanted the job and wanted to go to work for Mark.”

Nathan has been working for Premiere for an outstanding fifteen and a half years. Some important contracts he now manages are Metro Nashville Government and the Nashville Electric Service.

While working with Premiere, Nathan states he has met numerous people that make work enjoyable. “It’s Jackie, David, Jawanda, Neil, Neville, Mr. Haywood, Jess, Micky and Mr. Buchanan to name just a few that help me through the days,” Nathan stated. He feels fortunate to have gained employees and customers to surround himself with each day for an excellent work environment here at Premiere.

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